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Spring Cleaning Services

Our experience is based on the same high quality and efficient standards of a regular cleaning. In addition to all of those areas, we customize our service in order to satisfy the needs of every client. Our customers include families that simply don’t have the time to clean their home or apartment, offices, property management firms, construction companies that realize the value of their skilled workers time, and many others.

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To keep your house in tip top condition we recommend an annual spring clean. Our highly trained and experienced spring cleaning team will make your house sparkle from top to bottom. In addition to all the areas covered during an initial house clean, a spring clean will involve a deep and thorough clean of all rooms. We will pay additional attention to those areas according to your requirements and exact specifications.


All our cleaning staff are trained, vetted and insured and will provide you with an excellent quality of service, guaranteeing an exceptional standard of work. We will give you a fixed price quote that will include; the cleaning, all products and equipment and VAT.


Thorough fridge cleaning - Emptying, taking out all fittings and washing, cleaning the inside, rebuilding and restocking. Serious oven cleaning - All trays, pans and grilles removed and cleaned, interior and exterior thoroughly cleaned, oven rebuilt and ready to cook. Detailed second fixings cleaning - Skirting boards, door frames, lampshades, fan blades. Deep cupboard cleaning - Thorough interior and exterior clean of all cupboards, including restocking. Slat by slat blind cleaning - If you have other fixtures, fittings or special items that require rota cleaning, just let your dedicated account manager know, and she will take care of everything.


No matter how regular you are with your daily house cleaning routines, it is a very good practice to give your home a nice thorough clean up at least once a year. Best time for this is in spring-time and that is why people call it spring cleaning. If you can’t do it on your own for whatever reason or simply prefer to hire a professional company for the job, do call Clean 365 Cleaning Chester. We offer first class spring cleaning in Chester to relieve you from this tedious task and revitalise your property for the warm seasons. Our spring cleaning is of the highest quality and we guarantee excellent results. As an addition we can also provide you with professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning at competitive prices.


When the spring is coming the whole nature is waking up. It is a sign that your house needs to be refreshed, too. There is nothing better than clean and fresh home, wide open windows and fresh air. You might think it is a mission impossible to clean the whole house and don’t miss a single angle. Don’t worry, because we are here to help you. Our Chester professional cleaners are fully baked and know every spot where the dust and dirt could hide. You could rely on us to make your home cleaner and fresher than ever. Clean windows, fresh kitchen, mold-free bathroom and dust-free are tasks that out teams will clean for you. You will be fascinated, if you choose the best company when it comes to spring cleaning.


Whilst we carry out all the basics such as vacuuming and bin emptying we also focus on the hard to get at places, behind machinery, vending machines and furniture, under desks and across the ceiling. A great Spring Clean will get at all those places that a regular clean might never have been before. Dust can accumulate in the strangest of places over the years and constitute a basis for bacteria and breathing issues. Our service gets right into the places that a duster or wet wipe rarely goes.


We offer unparalleled service in terms of quality and price. All our services can be individualized according your specific needs. They are fairly priced and are market competitive. We stand out among our competitors due to our honest, up front and professional approach. So, is it time for a spring cleaning? If so, you should know that our experts are here to cater to your cleaning needs.


Our professional cleaners have rich experience and expertise in the domestic cleaning services field. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering exceptional customer care and service, and here, at Clean 365 Cleaning Chester, we boast an exclusive track record to be proud of - with countless satisfied clients, so it’s no wonder that we are the leading spring cleaners Chester households prefer daily. You can see for yourself what some of our past clients have had to say about our outstanding cleaning services, here on our testimonials page.

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We all know that spring cleaning can be quite tedious, time consuming and a bore chore to complete. Though... all those cooked-on oven stains, cluttered cupboards, and dirty finger marks all over the walls and light switches are almost enough to drive you crazy! Don’t worry! We are here to help you cope with that major undertaking. Clean 365 Chester provides top quality and affordable spring cleaning services throughout the areas of Cheshire, North West and North Wales.