Special Cleaning Services

Special Cleaning Services

Our teams have the expertise and equipment to handle a variety of jobs at nearly any facility. From hospitality businesses, such as hotels, to educational and healthcare campuses and can cater to your special cleaning needs. With schools across the country dealing with tight budgets, outsourcing cleaning services can offer an educational facility an efficient, effective cleaning process that produces a cleaner indoor environment for students and staff.


Does your house, flat or office need a one-off cleaning service – perhaps before visitors arrive or after the long winter. Don’t hesitate to call Clean 365, Chester’s specialist cleaning company that you can rely on for any occasion. Whatever its current state, our professional cleaners can make your home look fantastic. Just give us a call now and talk to us and we will provide you with a free price quote and book your service.

Fit for purpose

Clean 365 is proud to offer you really flexible cleaning options. You can book either a single cleaner or a whole team of professional cleaners. Our staff are all experienced and insured, guaranteeing a hassle-free, top-quality result. Once you’ve booked with us, all you need do is leave us the keys of your property and then put your feet up while we do the heavy scrubbing and lifting! If you’re looking for a thorough clean before moving home, check out our end of tenancy cleaning service.

Why us

Our one-off service is suitable for all sorts of occasions. Whether your home needs a spring cleaning to refresh it after a long winter or you want it to look its best for visiting guests, our cleaners can help. Our one-off services offer a great opportunity to have your property cleaned from top to bottom. Even if you have a regular cleaner, they can’t achieve the same thoroughly clean results as our specialist one-time cleaners do.


Our one-off cleaning services are domestic and are charged by the hour. Our team will attempt to clean as much as possible for as little time as they can for the time they have been booked. That is why is the best to prioritize the rooms which you want to be clean so that when the team arrive they could begin immediately and focus on them right from the start.


We understand letting cleaners into your home requires a lot of trust, which is why we carry out background checks on our employees, ensuring your home and possessions are always in safe hands. Make a booking for a minimum of three hours with two cleaners and we will send experienced staff to clean your home under your supervision using our materials and equipment. It’s as simple as that!


With many years of experience, Clean 365 are the best choice for you. Whether you’re letting your property out to new tenants, or need your house cleaned after a party, Clean 365 one off cleaning services are perfect. Using deep cleaning techniques for carpets, furniture or any other upholstery, you can rest while our team of fully vetted cleaners make your property sparkle.


One off cleaning from Clean 365 can be used for several different situations. We provide home removals, move out cleaning, move in cleaning, post builders Chester cleaning and spring cleaning services. If you need every nook and corner of your home scrubbed clean for any occasion our Chester cleaners can come over and work their magic. Our cleaning services Chester and methods have been developed with years of experience working with business clients, homeowners, tenants, landlords and property managers and so we know just what your needs are.


Chester offers high quality services for end of tenancy and for all other types of needs. Once you contact us, we will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your needs. Our one off cleaning will include a comprehensive, intensive cleaning of your entire apartment or home or of rooms that you specify including all the furniture and fixtures. Upon request, we also offer services for curtain, upholstery, carpet cleaning and rugs cleaning. For specific needs please contact our office staff and we will be happy to take your instructions into consideration.


Many people think that regular domestic cleaning is enough to maintain high level of hygiene in your home. Yet, once in a while a more comprehensive cleaning session should be performed. This deep sanitising procedure is known as one off cleaning – it is a top-to-bottom throughout cleaning session that will leave your living premises fresh and functional. These sessions are usually carried out when there's a special upcoming occasion such as wedding or a birthday or simply when seasons change.