Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity. Office desks contain many times more the amount of germs then a bathroom toilet, germs that contribute to employees taking an average of seven sick days per year. That number can be decreased by implementing an office cleaning service program that prevents germs from spreading. Most offices include similar areas such as cubicles, offices, waiting area, conference rooms and canteens. But, not all office cleaning requirements are the same. Proper dusting and hoovering, consistent attention to detail and certified use of efficient disinfection processes are important, but might be overlooked by your current office cleaning company.


The importance of gleaming offices cannot be overstated. The appearance of your premises says a lot about your business. It creates a lasting first impression with visitors, and staff working in clean, healthy environments feel valued and actually perform better.

Wide range

Based in Chester, Clean 365 Office Cleaning is a leading independent commercial cleaning company that delivers tailored building cleaning and support services across Cheshire; whether it be general office cleaning, care of computer and communications equipment, or specialist maintenance of materials such as marble and granite.


Established for many years we are committed to meeting the high standards that our customers have come to expect. We have an unrivalled response time to emergency cleaning call-outs and as a result find ourselves selected by those companies seeking exceptional service including office cleaning Banks, Legal Firms, Financial Institutions and Media companies.


Clean 365 will keep your corporate workplace clean and presentable in a professional and timely manner. Take advantage of our convenient commercial office cleaning service in Chester. All you need to do is to give us a call and to let us know how often you would want your office building cleaned. Daily, weekly or bi-weekly? We will send a dedicated professional cleaner to your business office in Chester to make sure that the place is always neat and fresh!


Our flexible working hours allow us to supply your company or commercial premises with services at the specified time. You do not have to worry about the cleaning hours as we can always adjust our work schedule to meet your needs. Using the latest cleaning technology, our contract and office cleaning services are efficient and environmentally friendly. The cleaning products we use are strong on dirt and stains but mid to office residents and completely safe. This leaves minimal chance of stains remaining after our cleaning.


Here are the areas that corporate office cleaning focuses on and the various tasks that your cleaner will take care of - Vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping; Kitchen cleaning, doing the dishes; Bathroom and toilet cleaning; Balcony cleaning, bin bag replacement; Interior window cleaning (reachable areas); Office equipment cleaning & more. Floor maintenance - mop or via professional gear if requested; Watering the plants on a daily basis - if requested.


Office carpet cleaning – If you need professional carpet cleaning - let us know. We can vacuum the carpeting at your workplace and it will always look at its best but the service does not include high-end steam treatment by default. All professional cleaners use professional equipment and modern methods to achieve the best looks for your carpets and rugs.


Office window cleaning – On the other hand, we can also help you with the cleanliness of the windows at your office, both on the inside and the outside. We use a water-fed pole system to reach as high as the fourth storey of the building. For higher floors, we use abseiling equipment to safely clean every window of the building.


Office upholstery cleaning - Do you have any sofas, couches or other furnishings that are in need of cleaning? At Clean 365, we know what is excellent upholstery cleaning - dry foam, leather upholstery and more. For questions - call us and ask. All professionals are thoroughly vetted before they are hired and go through a comprehensive training. Also, all cleaning technicians are insured and quality control managers follow their work closely to ensure that the janitorial services for corporate clients bring the best results around. Book your comprehensive office cleaning service with Clean 365 via our online booking form or call us now.