Building Cleaning Services

Building Cleaning Services

Clean 365 cleaners are here to offer you a high quality and professional After Builders Cleaning Chester Service and a very wide range of Professional Cleaning Services in all of the Chester areas. Whether it’s to build a new room, fix a broken pipe or simply to re-paint a wall, most people will have to call a team of builders to complete the work for them.


Unfortunately, however, we all know how messy your house can get after the builders have finished their job, they are there to do their job and that doesn't include keeping the house clean. This means that it will be yourselves that are left to clean up after them and cleaning up after them is something everyone loathes doing. Scraping cement off your table and windows or cleaning paint from your skirting and floorboards, for example can quickly become tiresome and annoying, especially if you have a big house. It's a task that without the correct professional cleaning products can seem impossible to achieve the results you desire.


So why put yourself through it why not save yourself the effort by hiring our experienced, Fully insured team of after builder cleaners to come and do all the work for you? They have all completed all of the needed training courses and have all received the certificates to prove that they have worked very hard to be as good as they are today. We take high pride in every job that were are called to and will only be completely satisfied if a 5 star standard it achieved. 100 percent customer satisfaction is important and your feedback is valued, so please leave any feedback online so we can review and improve in any ways possible.


With the help of our after builders cleaning Chester service, your house will be cleaned in its entirety and our team will remove any leftovers that the builders have left behind will make sure that by the end of our cleaning program your house will be left as clean, tidy and hygienic as it was before the build began. All of our products that are used in the cleaning process are full Eco- Friendly, This means that Pets, Children and Allergy sufferers can all be around whilst the cleaning process is in progress. You can be present without the worry of ingesting any harmful Chemical toxins from the products. Don't let this make you think that these products won't perform as good as other non Eco-Friendly products because we have found that over the years we've been cleaning that Eco-Friendly products actually perform considerable better that most shop bought products.


It should also be noted that by hiring us you will also save yourself the time needed to thoroughly clean your home. Indeed, we will not only bring your abode to a perfect shine, but we will also do it in a timely manner so you can enjoy the rest of the day instead of spending hours cleaning the mess left behind by some sloppy builder. We are available 6 Days a week and have Booking times at all times to make it as Convenient for you as possible, we continue to take Bookings even on Bank holidays. We want the time to be the best fitted around your busy lives. All cleaning equipment and products will be supplied at No additional cost.


So if you need someone to clean your house after a renovation, just call or email us. We can give you a Free no obligation quote and any advise that you may need. Our Cleaners will help your property gleam with our After Builders Cleaning Chester Service. If for any reason that you are unhappy with the services that you've received please don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss it and try to rectify it before any feedback is left, if its that a Re-Clean may be required then we can Re-Book this at a time best for you and this Re-Clean will be completely Free of charge.

Why us

One of the factors that make after builders cleaning such a specialist service, is the wide range of problems it can solve – that’s why we send out only our most experienced cleaners to assist with the task! All of our after builders cleaners in Chester combine extensive training with years of experience… in order to deliver a comprehensive Post Builders Cleaning, no matter what state your property has been left in.


Even if you find yourself worrying how you’re going to fit a visit from the cleaners in around your work schedule, you have nothing to fear. We’re happy to provide flexible bookings, including weekend and evening slots… our after builders cleaning in Chester doesn’t need to clash with your existing commitments. Furthermore, our builders cleaning service is easily customizable – it could include one or more of the following: tile and grout scrubbing, carpet, upholstery, window and steam cleaning, patio and pressure washing, high wall washing and more depending on your individual requirements.


We send in our professional after builders cleaners with our own heavy-duty cleaning methods, and state of the art tools and equipment, to clean your home from top to bottom. Removing dust is often the priority, which means using different types of brushes, mops, and attachments. This level of detailed work can take several goes on surfaces, fixtures, and fittings to remove dust completely.


Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, stairsand more can be thoroughly cleaned to remove left-over paint, debris, and dust through stringent vacuuming and mopping. Furniture, mirrors, pictures can be dusted, as well as doors, frames, skirting, sockets and switches. Walls can be dusted with a micro fibre mop.


We also offer commercial after builders cleaning Chester services for large and small building and renovation projects. Working with some of Chester’s leading building companies, surveyors, architects, and shop fitters we have worked on a range of premises including residential, office, and retail space. With many years of experience in the construction industry you can rely on our builders cleaners to provide a professional post construction clean-up service that is second to none.